Baby names 2021 UK: MB's top picks



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Lost in sea of baby names? Maybe some of these will help you decide...

Baby names 2021 UK: MB's top picks

Baby names 2021  – if you don't have some initial ideas, where do you even start? I mean, it's not exactly a light decision to name someone, is it? I know a lot of parents who have really struggled when it comes to baby names. It’s a tricky one for sure, unless, of course, you are Chris and I and just name your kid after his dad’s favourite dinosaur.

When I was pregnant, I started noting down names that I liked (and definitely didn’t), and was always quite conscious of nicknames that might be associated with any of my choices. So naturally I chose Rex, a name that is just letter change away from the word sex, obviously.

For those of you who are a bit more considered than me (i.e. everyone), there’s a ton of beautiful baby names doing the rounds right now. Babycenter recently reported Olivia to be the top girl’s name of 2021 so far, with Noah taking the top spot for a boy. But maybe you want something a bit different? 

If you’re in need of a bit more baby name inspiration, I thought I'd share some baby names off mine and Eamo's original list. Trust me, we will not be needing to use any of these now. 

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Baby name for girls:

  • Hollie – the name of our beautiful baby girl, born March 2021

  • Hope – after losing a baby before Hollie, and the year we've all had, Hope was a very, very close second for our baby girl

  • Scout – To Kill A Mockingbird is my all-time favourite book, with Scout being my favourite character (her dad being my second). Plus I just think it's uber-cute

  • Blossom – because seeing this beautiful flower arrive in Spring never fails to make me happy

  • Aida – one of Rex's best mates at nursery who is just the most lush little girl, plus it means 'happy'

  • Summer – reminds me of a ray of sunshine

  • Mollie – because I love Hollie so much, this is almost as beautiful

  • Niamh – means 'bright' or 'radiant', and just because I love it

Baby names for boys:

  • Frank – if Eamo and I are ever so drunk we conceive again and have a boy, we'll call him Frank, purely so we can just fill his wardrobe with 'Frank the Tank' clobber.

  • Atticus – Not only do I think of Gregory Peck when I hear this name, I think of the kind of parent I aspire to be. Firm but fair, kind and understanding, but most of all that man had the most patience I have ever seen when it comes to his kids. Plus you can shorten this to Atti, which is ADORABLE. 

  • Ben – I've always loved this name. One of my kindest friends when I was younger was called Ben, and I've loved it ever since

  • Max – Short, and easy for me to remember haha

  • Joey – One of my friends just had a little boy and called him Joey, which I would never have thought of, but just love

  • Bo or Bodhi – because Patrick Swayze in Point Break will never not be the coolest

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