Buying a pram: How to choose a pram or pushchair



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Buying a pram: How to choose a pram or pushchair

I found buying a pram a hugely overwhelming experience with my first baby. Problem is, you only really realise what you need or want a pushchair to do after you've bought and used it. And by then it's too late to change your mind. 

I vividly remember walking into Mothercare and wanting to walk back out again. There were so many options, and I couldn't work out why. Why were there so many different models? What did they do differently, and which did I need?

It's only after two children and having now used four pushchairs that I know what to look for when buying one. If you're looking to buy a pram in the not-so-distant future, hopefully this post will help you decide which model to go for. And if you want some accessories, don't miss this round-up of the best buggy organisers too. 

Buying a pram: What to consider

When buying a pram, if you want to save money, you want to be looking for one that will last right from your baby's birth through to them being a toddler. 

Lay flat - used from newborn (if not you might need to buy a separate basinete)

Front and rear facing


Does it have car seat connections (so you don't have to wake baby if sleeping in the car) 

Can they be set up for two children?