How to turn your handbag into a baby changing bag: 3 top tips



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Tailor your favourite handbag to suit your new arrival with these handy hints. 

How to turn your handbag into a baby changing bag: 3 top tips

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If you're looking for a place to keep all your baby essentials when out and about, you're in luck. There are some incredible baby bags available (see our best changing bag article for some seriously gorgeous ones), however there's another, much cheaper, option you might not have thought of – convert your existing, every day bag into a changing bag. Or, even better, treat yourself to a new handbag that you convert to suit for baby, and then use long after the kids have outgrown it. 

Not sure what to take with you? Here's what to pack in your baby changing bag, and a round-up of the best baby must-haves every parent should know. 

With just a few simple tweaks, you can make an everyday handbag suitable for your baby too. Here's how...

01. Find a suitable bag

First up you need to find a suitable bag to convert, which basically means finding one that has a decent amount of space, and, if you want, extra pockets/compartments on the in and outside for easy access. Most backpacks come with zipped compartments already, which is perfect for organising baby stuff, and most holdalls have the luxury of lots of space to play with.  

02. Buy an organiser insert

There are loads of hanbag organisers available now to help keep all your belongings sorted, and this works no different for baby stuff. I particularly like this grey felt design on Amazon as it comes with space to hold bottles as well as nappies, wipes and lots more. Be sure to check dimensions of any organiser inserts before you buy to ensure they will fit. 

03. Create space

For such small people, babies need a lot of stuff, so you'll need a decent size bag to convert. Plus you can help by creating more space, for example, swapping a big bulky wallet for a small cardholder, or investing in a battery case for your phone instead of packing a bulky charger. And remember to pack smartly, and only take with you the things you absolutely need. 

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