What size maternity clothes should you buy?



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Struggling to know what size maternity clothes to buy? This guide will help. 

What size maternity clothes should you buy?

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What size maternity clothes you buy and when you buy them will differ for everyone. No two women are the same, and no two pregnancies are the same, so there's no one-size-fits-all solution. With Rex I didn't need specific maternity clothes until I was about six months pregnant, whereas with Hollie (my second), I started showing much earlier.

Even then I didn't buy a massive amount of specific maternity wear as I didn't want to spend money on clothes I was only going to use for a short amount of time. However, there is something to be said for getting a few basic items, certainly during the last few months, as specifically designed maternity wear will keep you supported and comfortable as your baby grows. 

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What size maternity clothes should you buy? 

I remember being really confused by this question with my first baby. Should I go a size up to accommodate for any extra weight gain? And did the length of jeans need to be longer to accommodate for my ever-growing bump? 

The answer, in short, is no. Maternity clothes are specifically designed to allow extra room where you need it. So if you're a size 12 in regular jeans, you'd be the same in maternity jeans. However, and this is a big however, this, like clothes in general, the size you get will depend on the store you buy the maternity wear from. 

I found many of the high street stores that do maternity clothes – Topshop, New Look and GAP – to be true to size. However a couple, Next and H&M for me, came up slightly bigger and smaller.

Can you just buy bigger size clothing?

Absolutely, yes. A lot of women do this so they can get wear out of items post baby. I did this a lot with tops, mainly. A couple of sizes bigger meant bump would fit into them and I could wear them as oversized tees after baby was born. There are a few specific maternity items, however, you're going to want to invest in...

Maternity clothing must-haves 

In order to accommodate your bump, you're going to need a lot of space and so you're going to want to get some maternity bottoms. Leggings are a great shout for comfort but also because you can dress them up and down and wear them with almost anything. These will become your go-to items in the later months, when you can no longer see your feet and all of your regular bottoms won't go past your calves. 

Underwear is another area you want to get specific maternity versions of. It's not just your bump that's going to grow but your boobs (and potentially bum) too. Again, maternity underwear is designed specifically to allow your body the space it needs to help grow the tiny human inside you. 

Before covid, many places used to offer a free fitting service for maternity bras. If you come across one that is open while shopping, I highly recommend taking advantage of this service to help ensure you get the best fit and find the most suitable and comfortable products for your body. 

Finally, if you can, try to have at least one maternity outfit for special events. This may sound ridiculous but I found being pregnant I lived in clothes that were comfortable but made me feel anything but glamorous. I have one jumper dress that is super-stretchy, which I used to wear if I ever went out for a special occasion or an evening out, which made me feel really good about my new-found shape and size. 

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