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I recently bought this Avery Row bag, and it's the best changing bag I own. Of course, the right bag will be different for everyone as it will need to suit individual lifestyles. But I've been using this Avery Row design since Hollie was born three months ago and I absolutely love it. 

The video above takes a close look at it's key features, including the ridiculous amount of space it offers, as well as pockets inside, material and more. But if you don't want to listen to me ramble on for six minutes, here's a brief overview. 

Company: Avery Row

Price: £58

Colours: Cinnamon and Ocean Blue

Pros – Affordable, huge inside, beautiful design

Cons – no insulated bottle holder, doesn't work well clipped to pushchair

Star rating: 9/10

Avery Row changing bag review: Key features

You don't see many beautiful changing bags that aren't black or grey, so I was immediately struck by (and loved) this burnt orange bag design. It is listed as cinnamon on the website, and also comes in an equally beautiful ocean blue colour (please add a dark green/teal version to the series Avery Row!). 

It's a large rectangle shape with more room than any of the pictures could ever do justice. The outside of the bag is a lovely, thick quilted material, which gives it a real feel of luxury and like it's worth way more than it's very affordable £58 price tag. 

Inside is a peach print lining, which is features two elasticated compartments to organise your essentials (I have nappies, wipes and bottles in mine), and a zipped pocket, which provides extra security for my valuables. 

The bag has two sets of straps, smaller ones to put it over your shoulder and a longer strap, which enables it to be carried as more of a messenger style design. There are clips on each side of the bag, which could be connected to pushchair bag clips. However, they are a bit too far down the side of the bag for it to sit right, certainly on my push chair, so I tend to store it in the baggage compartment underneath. 

The design, in a nutshell, is pretty basic. But I think that's what I like about it the most. It's uncomplicated, you don't forget where you put stuff. And its universal design means you can use it long after the kids need it. Oh, and let's not forget, it looks beautiful. 

Avery Row changing bag review: Should you buy it?

I've had a number of changing bags in the last four years, but this is, by far, my favourite. It's not your average changing bag, it's much more spacious than most I've tried, but also lacks some of the more specific changing bag features you might want. However, if you're looking for an affordable, beautiful bag that will hold all yours and baby's things, and that you can use long after your little one has outgrown it, you'll struggle to find better. 

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