Backpack changing bag: 6 designs we love


Kerrie Hughes


21 Jun 2021

A backpack changing bag is a brilliant option for parents, one of the main reasons being it means you can be hands-free. There are some gorgeous options available right now, but with so many to choose from it can be hard to figure out which one is right for you. 

In this article, we've scoured the web for some of the best backpack changing bags to suit a variety of needs and budgets. There are a few things to consider when choosing the best backpack changing bag. Does it need insulated bottle compartments, and, if so, how many? Is a changing mat included for nappy changes on the go? And how big does it need to be?  

We've taken all of the above into account and found 6 brilliant options to choose from. Not bothered about how you carry it? Don't miss our round up of baby changing bags in a variety of styles, and 13 baby must-haves to make your life just that little bit easier. 

Read on for the best backpack changing bags money can buy right now. 

Backpack changing bag: 6 top options

01. Storksak Hero backpack changing bag

01. Storksak Hero backpack changing bag

Img: Storksak

Price: £125

When it comes to a highly beautiful and functional backpack changing bag, Storksak is hard to beat. When Rex was born I had one of Storksak's holdalls (which I love), and can absolutely vouch for the quality. At the time I also had my eye on this beautiful Hero backpack.  Not only does it look great (with the unisex design make it appealing to everyone), it also comes equipped with a changing mat that has pockets to store nappies and wipes, as well as an insulated bottle holder, which doubles as a snack bag, and clips so you can conveniently hang it on a pram or pushchair. 

But probably the best feature of this backpack is the handy lower compartment, which has a waterproof, fully wipe clean lining, making it perfect to store a breast pump, dirty clothes, etc. It also has it's own zip for easy access. At £125 it's not the cheapest, but, in my opinion, it's well worth the price tag. Hands down one of the best backpack changing bags available right now. 

02. Lekebaby Backpack Changing Bag

02. Lekebaby Backpack Changing Bag

Img: Lekebaby

Price: £30

The Lekebaby is the best backpack changing bag if you're on a budget. Right now the black version is just £30 on Amazon, which is a total bargain. And it comes complete with some really great features. What I love about this bag the most is the wide open design. The zips on the top go part way down the bag, meaning the top opens up completely, meaning you can see everything inside with ease, and therefore far less rummaging around. 

There is a zip on the lower part of the back of the bag, so you can conveniently and easilt get to item packed at the bottom, and with a whopping 19 pockets, there's no way you won't be organised with this clever design. The outside is waterproof and the inside lining is water resistant, making it super-easy to clean too. There's a changing mat included and clips to attach to a pram or pushchair – this backpack changing bag has everything you could possibly need, at a bargain price. 

03. Flat Iron – Skip Hop

03. Flat Iron – Skip Hop

Img: Skip Hop

Price: £75

I'm a bit of a sucker for stripes, so love this backpack changing bag from Skip Hop. These guys specialise in baby products, so it's no surprise to see this bag is kitted out with everything you need for a day out with your little one. The Skip Hop Flatiron backpack changing bag, this good looking accessory has a super spacious interior, with a number of pockets to help you stay organised. It also features a changing mat, two insulated side bottle compartments, and three exterior zip pockets so you can get to essentials quickly and easily. 

I own a number of Skip Hop products, including a brilliant pram organiser, and have never been disappointed by or had any issue with the quality and functionality. The fact that their products look good too is definitely an added bonus. 

04. Eco Elwood – Tiba & Marl

04. Eco Elwood – Tiba & Marl

Img: Tiba & Marl

Price: £140

When it comes to the best backpack changing bags, Tiba & Marl are on another level. I own the Eco Elwood (pictured) and can personally recommend it in terms of both style and substance. The bag has plenty of compartments inside to help keep all of your essentials organised. It has multiple exterior zip compartments so you can get to items easily and quickly. 

These bags also come equipped with a hardy changing mat, as well as a lovely little clutch bag too. I think most people use this for taking nappies and wipes to the toilet, but I have to admit to using this as an actual clutch bag when I went out for a drink with the girls recently. I love that these products appeal to both men and women, and that the style will make you want to use them as an everyday bag long after you've finished with it as a changing bag. 

Honestly, Tiba & Marl bags don't have as much room inside them as some other backpack changing bags, I've found. Once you've loaded it up with changes of clothes for baby, nappies and other essentials, there is little room for anything else. But there's more than enough space to pack enough for a day out.

05. Fact & Fiction

05. Fact & Fiction

Img: Fact & Fiction

Price: £81

I don't know what it is about quilted bags at the moment, but I'm here for it. In particular, I love this design from Fact + Fiction, which is, at the time of writing, reduced to £81 (usually £135) over on Natural Baby Shower. I have to say, the best backpack changing bags, in my opinion, are ones that you wouldn't immediately assume are changing bags. And this beautiful design could never be accused of that, with many features that would make it a brilliant everyday bag after baby use is finished. 

It's wipeable, water resistant material (outer and lining) means it can easily be kept clean, it also features an upright bottle pocket, a quick-access zipped pocket and two interior compartments, one of which could easily fit either a baby mat or 15-inch laptop – there really is a place for everything. 

06. Jamie Eco Orange

06. Jamie Eco Orange

Img: Jem + Bea

Price: £70

Google best backpack changing bag and you'll be presented with a number of beautiful options. But what you'll also notice is that the majority of designs are black or grey. Which is why I love this orange design from Jem + Bea. But the vibrant colour isn't the main reason we love this design, the Jamie Eco is created from disused fishing nets and ghost nets lost at sea so you're helping the planet with this purchase too. 

Boasting a number of useful features, the Jamie Eco includes a hidden thermo-insulated pocket at the side, four interior pockets to organise all your baby essentials, a luxury padded changing mat and a water repellent and wipe-clean lining.

Usually £140, at the time of writing this design is half price, making it an absolute bargain at just £70. 

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