Best changing bag: Brilliant baby changing bags for new parents


Kerrie Hughes


26 May 2021

Looking for the best changing bag but spoilt for choice? There are so many beautiful baby changing bags out there, it can be hard to choose between them. What might help you choose is knowing what you need from a baby changing bag. For example, at the very least it needs to have enough space to hold all your baby, excuse my French, crap. 

I spent a lot of time researching the best changing bag when I found out Hollie was on the way (what can I say, I love bags). And, as previously mentioned, there's more to the best changing bag than just what it looks like. When you realise just how much stuff your baby might need while out and about, you'll quickly realise a changing bag needs a number of requirements to help make your life easier. 

From bottles and formula to nappies and numerous changes of clothes, you'll be surprised how much stuff tiny humans need (seriously, check out my hospital bag checklist if you don't believe me). So this isn't just simply a case of choosing one you like the look of, there are a few things to consider when buying a changing bag...

The best changing bag: What to consider 

First up, you need to think about whether the baby changing bag you choose needs bottle storage, although you might not know the answer to that yet. I thought I would be breastfeeding Rex but it didn't work out so had to swap to bottles and I was therefore very thankful that my chosen bag had a dedicated compartment for them. That said, the best changing bags these days come with insulated bottle compartments as standard. Many also include a pull-out changing mat, which come in super-handy.

Other things you need to think about are the practicalities of the changing bag you are using. How do you want to carry it? Would a backpack or messenger style bag so you can be hands-free work best? Or maybe an over the shoulder design that can be clipped on to a pushchair easily? Will you be sharing the baby changing bag with your partner? And if so, does the brand you like have designs that suit you both? All of the above brands take all of the above into consideration, and do so in serious style. 

Below are my best changing bag choices, all of which take the above into consideration with their designs. Three of my picks I have had hands-on experience with, the other are ones were on my want list (and I would buy if I had the cash and could justify an endless supply of baby bags). Trust me, when it comes to both style and substance, these are some of the best changing bags money can buy. 

Best changing bag: 9 excellent options

01. Tiba & Marl

01. Tiba & Marl

Img (and lead): Tiba & Marl

Price: £140

When it comes to brilliant baby changing bags, Tiba & Marl is up there with the best of them. The range includes a number of different styles, from backpacks and holdalls, to hospital bags and kids options too. My favourite is the Eco Elwood backpack, which I can confirm looks as lovely in real life as it does online. I know because I purchased it in the Black Friday sales last year in preparation for my new arrival. 

Not only does it look and feel great, it's a fab size and will easily fit every essential in. It's a unisex design, which means Chris won't roll his eyes when I ask him to carry it (although he might flatly refuse if I pass him the clutch that's included). This is just one of many styles Tiba & Marl have come up with, in fact there are so many lovely ones I found it very difficult to choose. Many of them are made 100% recycled plastic, which is easy to wipe clean – big tick.  

The range starts at around £130, depending on the style you choose, which I realise isn't exactly cheap. But as quality changing bags go, and for the amount you're going to be using it, I think this is actually really good value.

02. Avery Row

02. Avery Row

Img: Avery Row

Price: £58

As previously mentioned, I am a big bag fan so I actually (don't tell Eamo) bought myself this one (above) from Avery Row recently. And I was very pleasantly surprised when it arrived. The pictures on the website don't do this changing bag justice in terms of space, it's huge, with the main compartment being easily able to hold clothing, nappies, bottles, cotton wool pads, as well as things like a mobile phone, wallet and keys. 

But more than being practical, this was a purchase based very much on the colour and beauty. It's rare to find a changing bag of this quality and size that isn't black (or floral), so this burnt orange, or cinnamon as its listed, immediately caught my eye. It is also available in a gorgeous ocean blue colour. The only slight downside is the material, which is a soft quilted fabric that just makes me want to stroke it, however I can imagine it's not the best when it gets covered in all manner of baby fluids (which it inevitably will). 

The price is super affordable and this could easily be used as an everyday/overnight bag when the little one outgrows it. When it comes to the best changing bag, this is very much (almost) topping my list right now. 

03. Skip Hop Forma

03. Skip Hop Forma

Img: Skip Hop

Price: £76

Skip Hop specialise in baby essentials, and that includes some really lovely changing bags. My pick of the bunch has got to be this quilted (paid link) Skip Hop Forma backpack. Not only does it look great, it's spacious enough to pack in everything your baby might need. The backpack includes an insulated cube for bottles of milk, plus a mesh cube, which can be used for clothing, snacks, anything you can think of. 

The front section allows for easy access to cubes and the main compartment, and a changing pad pockets is big enough to hold a tablet or laptop up to 15 inches. The backpack can be either worn or attached to a pram, and the unisex design makes it appealing to everyone. As the best changing bags go, this is up there with the best of them. 

04. Jem & Bea

04. Jem & Bea

Img: Jem & Bea

Price: £35 (animal print clutch)

The best changing bags offer the perfect combination of style and substance, and Jem + Bea bags have both in abundance. This gorgeous brand has a range of changing bags styles, at a range of prices (check out the Jemima Tan if money is no option) to suit all. 

The company is the brainchild of friends Dominique Hughes and Rebecca Da Silva Lima, the latter have previously designed for Mulberry, Anya Hindmarch and Burberry. Unable to find a changing bag that fully satisfied their needs, they set about creating their own. And boy am I glad they did. The duo's designs sit very much at the top of my wishlist right now. 

If you don't see a changing bag you like (which is highly doubtful), be sure to check out Jem  + Bea's range of cluth bags too, including a beautiful animal print one (pictured). In another really lovely touch, Jem + Bea also do the most beautiful range of children's bags too. If, like me, you have a (mildly unhealthy) handbag obsession, you'll need to watch your bank balance when heading to this website – there's honestly so much beauty, you'll want it all. 

05. Storksak

05. Storksak

Img: Storksak

Price: £165

As I mentioned earlier, I'm a big bag fan. And when I was pregnant with Rex, the dreamy one I wanted was from Storksak. It was a gorgeous black leather holdall that cost £250 and I wanted it SO BAD. Being totally out of my price range, I held off for ages buying one, hoping that I would catch it in the sale before Rex arrived. But I needn't have bothered because my utterly wonderful friends clubbed together and bought it for me. I cried – yes, I really do have the best friends. 

It was a huge treat and I cannot tell you how much I loved it. It looks beautiful, the quality is amazing and there's a load of space, as well as insulated compartments to help keep bottles at the right temperature. It included a lush changing mat and I loved that I could just attach it to the pushchair and access anything as and when I needed it. It was – and still is – marvellous. 

As Rex got older, however, I found it suited our lifestyle a little less, which is purely a personal thing. When out and about with him, I often wished I'd had a backpack rather than a holdall as it got in the way somewhat. But, much like Tiba & Marl, Storksak has a wide variety of styles to suit individual choice so it's all about going with what's best for you. If I was going with Storksak again this time around, I would totally go with this dreamy-looking Alyssa Black backpack (pictured above).

06. KeriKit

06. KeriKit

Img: Kerikit

Price: £325

KeriKit is a brand I came across recently on Instagram and I wish I hadn't, in a 'I want EVERYTHING' kind of way, you understand.  The brand is owned by Keri Jamieson, an experienced handbag designer and mum of two. Keri's struggle to find a bag that suited her during pregnancy and beyond lead to her developing what I can only describe as one of the most beautiful handbag ranges on the market right now. 

But probably the best thing about the KeriKit range, second to the stunning designs, is the fact that these bags will last you long past pregnancy and the early years of motherhood. Yes they've been designed with babies' needs in mind, but with a different approach to many other changing bag brands that make them much more versatile for use when you no longer need to pack three bottles and eight spare changes of clothes. 

This independent business is, in my opinion, an absolute triumph of the bag world. KeriKit products are more expensive than the average bag, but when you divide the cost over the amount of years you're going to get out of these products, it, to me, seems a fair and solid investment. There are so many gorgeous items to choose from, but if I had my pick of the bunch it would absolutely be this to-die-for Amber Black Leather Backpack

07. PacaPod

07. PacaPod

Img: PacaPod

Price: £135

Last, but by no means least, on my pick of the best changing bags is PacaPod. As the name suggests, this brand loves a pod to pack things in, which gives these super stylish looking bags hidden depths. As someone who strives to be more organised, I feel like the design of PacaPods products would really go a way to helping me achieve that. 

This particular Croyde bag pictured (my favourite from PacaPod's current range) features a changer pod and clear travel pod, so you can organise all your items into separate bags and the days of fumbling about in the depths of a huge bag to find something long gone. There's also a large expanding pocket on the inside, mini pod and two large pockets on the outside - basically there's a compartment for everything. And when you've got so much stuff to pack in, that can only be a good thing. 

Not only a really lovely looking bag, many of these products are super affordable. Plus if you sign up to the Paca Pod mailing list, you'll get 10 percent off your first order. 

08. Cath Kidston Lovebugs Gingham Tote

08. Cath Kidston Lovebugs Gingham Tote

Img: Cath Kidston

Price: £115

This gorgeous Cath Kidston Lovebugs Gingham Tote feels like the perfect baby changing bag for summer. The best thing about this bag is it's not obviously a changing bag from the outside, but open it up and you're greeted by a number of handy pockets for keeping all your baby essentials organised, as well as a matching quilted changing mat, insulated bottle holder and zipped pouch for quick trips to the bathroom. You can also carry it in a variety of ways, featuring an adjustable cross-body strap, long shoulder straps and velcro hooks for attaching it to your pushchair. 

09. Kumla Cotton Muslin Changing Bag

09. Kumla Cotton Muslin Changing Bag

Img: Kumla

Price: £33.75 (usually £55)

As material options go, this Kumla design is one of the best changing bags. It's available in two beautiful colours – mustard yellow and prussian blue – and, at the time of writing, is just £33.75 (usually £55). 

It's a top choice for the summer months, especially the gorgeous mustard design. It's a no frills changing bag, but comes complete with a number of compartments to keep all your baby essentials organised. This baby changing bag is big too, so you'll be able to get all your (and siblings) bits and bobs in too. I've no idea how long the discount will run on this item, but at this price, this is one of the best baby changing bags on the market right now. 

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