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Kerrie Hughes


Before we start, let me say, I'm not entirely sure why I'm writing this. I mean, it's not like fashion has ever been my forte – Vivian Westwood, I ain't. However, during my two pregnancies I have found finding nice maternity clothes a bit of a struggle. It still baffles me that so few retailers have cottoned on to the demand for nice maternity clothes, thankfully the ones that have do some really lovely bits for mum-to-be. 

I've never spent a huge amount on maternity clothes, just had some staple bits that I can mix and match as bump grows (jeans, few different tops etc). These covid times have meant I've actually bought very little in the way of new clothing, and everything I have has been loungewear, which will serve me well when the baby is born too. 

But if you are on the hunt for the best maternity clothes, there are a few retailers, brands doing it really well right now. Here's a pick of my favourites...

01. ASOS


One of the biggest online retailers in the UK, it's no surprise that ASOS has one of the best maternity clothes collections on the web. You can find everything from loungewear that looks so comfy you'd want to live in it, beautiful summer dresses and stylish pencil skirts, to bras and hoodies, jeans and leggings, the majority of which at a super affordable price. 

The ASOS loungewear section has some really lovely stuff in right now, some of which I'm planning to order to live in in the days (and weeks) following childbirth. Some of their jumpsuits, in particular, would work brilliantly for pregnancy and after baby arrives. 

02. New Look

Img: New Look

For both this and my last pregnancy, New Look is the place I have gone to for jeans. They are so reasonably priced and fit really well. There's a nice variety of styles to choose from, most of which are available with an over or under bump fit, depending on which you prefer. But their collection doesn't stop at jeans, New Look has dresses, tops, jumpers, cardigans and much more. While a lot of the collection is quite basic, you can also find more fancy/detailed designs if you want something for a special occasion (even if that is a Friday night zoom catch up right now). 

New Look also holds a good selection of nursing bras, which are super-affordable and, I can confirm are, very comfortable. If you're looking for a few maternity clothes that won't break the bank, New Look is the well worth a look. 

03. H&M

Img: New Look

If you're planning on breastfeeding, H&M is one of the best shops on the high street for quality nursing tops and dresses. The maternity collection isn't as varied or as nice-looking as New Look or ASOS, but it's another affordable shop that offers a nice amount of style alongside the function the clothing offers. 

On a par with New Look, H&M also has a good range of quality, well fitting maternity jeans at a super affordable price. And if there's one item of clothing that you need to be specifically maternity, jeans are it, but H&M's affordability makes it much less painful to part with your money. H&M are also brilliant for cheap but very comfy underwear – a top retailer to get those big knickers on your hospital bag checklist.  

04. Seraphine

Image: Seraphine

It's tagline is 'Fashionably pregnant' and I have to say, Seraphine lives up to its claim. One of the best maternity clothes retailers around, the Seraphine team clearly understand that pregnant women want to wear clothes that make them look and feel good. Dedicated to catering for mums-to-be, you'll find every item of maternity clothing you could possibly want here, which is great for serving as a one-stop-shop for all your pregnancy needs.

The big difference between Seraphine and the high stret shops is the price. Seraphone clothing is significantly more expensive than the other online retailers listed. But they have some really beautiful items, and have somehow managed to transform even nursing tops (which I really struggle with how most of them can be so damn ugly) into some gorgeous looking items (see picture above). Seraphine currently has a winter sale on, where you can find some stunning pieces at really affordable prices. You can also get 10% off your first purchase by signing up to their newsletter. Definitely one to watch. 

05. Juno Jacks

Img: Juno Jacks

Ok, so not technically maternity clothes, but I couldn't not include Juno Jacks, an independent online shop that deals specifically in comfortable breastfeeding clothes. And it's collection is one of the nicest I've seen in a while. I particularly love this rainbow jumper that cleverly conceals a zip in the colours, which can be undone for easy breastfeeding access. 

Launched in 2016 by mum of two Lucy, Juno Jacks has a really lovely collection for breastfeeding mums, as well as some gorgeous items for the little ones too. Prices are slightly higher than you'll find on the high street, but, in my opinion, still offer excellent value.


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