Hospital bag checklist: what you should pack


Kerrie Hughes


I don’t know if this is the same for anyone else, but I remember being weirdly excited by ticking off my hospital bag checklist. Sorry, wait, I mean the thought of ticking offf my hospital bag checklist. Unfortunately, like I’ve found much of my life as a parent, I got my hospital bag really quite wrong. Bare with me, I'm not a (total) moron. I shall explain. 

For a start, I kept putting off packing my hospital bag for a variety of reasons. Firstly, I never had everything I needed at the same time, so would just throw shit in there as and when it arrived and then lost track. Secondly, I'm tight and so didn't want to fork out for 'special' hospital clothes, you know, nightdresses and Bridget Jones-style pants, which meant I needed them all the way up to when Rex was born. And lastly, I actually found the whole thing a bit overwhelming. What size clothes would my baby need, how many changes of clothes should I take, etc, every time I thought about it, my brain got annoyed and I gave up. 

While I'm sure most of you are way more organised, and happy to spend a couple of quid on an extra pair of knickers, I thought I’d share not what I actually put in my hospital bag, but what I wish I had, knowing what I know now. Make sense? Thought so. Let’s start.

01. Adult nappies

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And there you were thinking this was going to be glamorous. Sorry. Adult nappies are a must-have on any hospital bag checklist. I (stupidly) took a couple of my trusty Always pads, thinking they would suffice the aftermath of a 9lb child exiting my vagina. They did not. I wish I'd invested in some adult nappies as instead I was given surfboard style sanitary towels by the hospital and, boy, they are something else. Despite my trusty Bridget Jones-style knickers being huge, they struggled to contain the mammoth pads and actually moved around a lot more than I would have liked. Adult nappies, ladies, they’re the way forward.

02. Pants. Lots and lots of pants

Adult nappies leads me nicely on to underwear, but I'm definitely not talking a racy new Ann Summers set. I stayed in hospital for five days after Rex was born, and the first thing I ran out of was pants. I could obviously ask Eamo to go and get some for me, but if you’re other half is anything like mine, asking them to choose pants, or any clothes for you for that matter, will almost certainly result in the wrong/most inappropriate products landing on your lap. So definitely make some space for a couple of packets of big comfortable pants, cheap (or disposable) ones that you can thrown away if – sorry, when – they get soiled.

Word to the wise, it’s worth leaving a dedicated hospital pile of clothes out at home to make this easier for partners. Eamo was rummaging around in my drawers, literally, for five days to the point where I ended up wearing some very questionable outfits. It's not the biggest deal, but creature comforts are everything after you've had a baby, so make sure to pave a clear path to your favourite loungewear for anyone doing pick ups. 


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