Mother's Day 2021: Must-have gifts for your mum this Mother's Day


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Mother's Day 2021 is just around the corner, and while the gift of being able to hug members of our family is pretty much all many of us want right now, it's looking like we might have to wait a little longer. But if you can't be with your mum physically on Mother's Day this year, there is, at least, still the option to send some love in the form of a thoughtful Mother's Day gift. 

In this post I've pulled together some super-lovely Mother's Day present ideas, all of which are guaranteed to put a smile on your mum's face this year. 

It's worth noting that while there are still a few weeks to go until the big day, be sure to check delivery times on each product. Some items are handmade and coronavirus is still playing havoc with a lot of post, which might result in some items taking longer to arrive.

Know any expectant mums? Don't miss my round up of the best changing bags as a great Mother's Day gift for any new mums-to-be. 

Mother's Day 2021: Mother Day gifts top picks

01. Initial bracelet

Img: Wild & Sea Jewellery

When it comes to thoughtful gifts, you'd be hard pushed to find something better than one of the beautiful creations from Wild & Sea Jewellery. Owner Bobbie Day is a designer and jewellery maker, and her beauiful initial bracelets are on the wish list of many, me included. 

I first came across Bobbie's shop after the lovely Elle of @featheringtheemptynest shared details on her Instagram page. Like many others, I fell in love with Bobbie's initial bracelets and am now patiently waiting for orders to open again on 1 February. If you're interested, Bobbie has set up a reminder on her Instagram page @wildandseajewelleryuk, so you'll be notified as soon as the shop is open again for orders. A really beautiful gift to both give and receive. 

02. The best chocolate, like, EVER

Img: Mother Bluffer

In fairness, I could just let the picture do all the talking here because Scotchies by the Good Day Cafe are just that damn good. I came across these little bundles of joy recently and, I'm not ashamed to admit, a) can't wait for my next fix and b) have been raving about them to anyone who will listen. Flavours vary depending on when you visit the cafe, I was fortunate enough to get a Creme Egg and Oreo one on my last visit, although how I chose from those Lindor and caramel options is beyond me now. 

Each Scotchie has a chocolate flavoured egg in the middle, which is then surrounded by what is honestly the best brownie I have ever tasted, and then covered in thick milk chocolate. Trust me when I say they are UNbelievable. And Scotchies aren't the only mind-blowing sweet treats the Good Day Cafe has to offer, there's also brownies and cookies galore!

A business local to where I live, I am fortunate enough to be able to visit this wonderful little cafe full of goodies whenever I please. But for those of you who can't, GOOD NEWS, the Good Day Cafe is now offering delivery service on Scotchies to anywhere in the UK – HURRAH! It's worth noting there is a limited number available for every delivery date, so if you want some in time for Mother's Day be sure to act fast. For the most up to date information on stock and deliveries, follow @gooddaycafe on Instagram.

I challenge any mum to receive a box of these for Mother's Day and not think their kid is the absolute nuts. 

03. Love Layla goodies

Img: Love Layla

For a Mother's Day gift that is sure to raise a smile, head over to Love Layla. This brilliant online shop is full of hilarious, somewhat sweary, designs that are the perfect choice for mum's and kids who don't take themselves too seriously. The team has got a load of merch in for Mother's Day, including brilliantly inappropriate cards, mugs, badges, notebooks, keyrings and more, all of which are super affordable. 

I am a regular shopper at Love Layla. I just love the brands highly relatable, savage-yet-super-funny designs. I also love the fact that my own mum will be eye-rolling me in a way only she knows how when she opens the Love Layla's Mother's Day card I've ordered for her this year (sorry Mum – you love it really). 

If you want to treat yourself to a little something to make you smile too, don't miss Love Layla's wall and desk calendar sale - now all just £3 (plus delivery). 

04. Fucking Brilliant Five-Year Memory Book

Img: Chronicle Books

Writing is something I have always enjoyed doing. I have journals and diaries going back to when I was little, most of which are hilarious to read now. But as I've got older, having the time to write down how I feel each day has become less and less, despite it being something I miss dearly. So when I got this Fucking Brilliant five-year memory book (paid link) at Christmas I was buzzing. 

The smaller than A6-size hardback book has four lines of space for every day each year, for five years. So you are almost forced to summarise or prioritise your feelings into that space, and while that might not seem like much, not only is it hugely cathartic, it's really bloody manageable too. I can't wait to just get one year done, especially with the shambles the world is in right now, and see how different things are when I start again next year. One of the best gifts I have received in a long time, and one I know many others would appreciate too. 

05. Pic'n'Mix

Img: Carways Candy

I don't know about you guys, but living in lockdown has given me a whole new appreciation for pic'n'mix. It wasn't long before people cottoned on to this and started offering delivery services for sweets galore, which, I'm not going to lie, I have indluged in multiple times over the last year. I'm not sure I know anyone who isn't a fan of some sort of pic'n'mix combination, so if you're looking for a Mother's Day gift that is guaranteed to put a smile on her face, a selection from Carways Candy willl do it (plus you can totally steal some/order a few favourites for yourself at the same time too - winner!). 

06. Happy Stride shorts

Img: Happy Stride

Ok so I may be getting a bit ahead of myself posting about shorts in February, but I know so many mums who would love a pair of these funky running shorts from Happy Stride as a Mother's Day gift.  Created by Sam and Pete Goldring, not only does the Happy Stride brand feature a range of really great feel-good activewear designs, for every sale, a donation is made to mental health charities.

The shorts range has so many great designs, but these 'Get Spotted' beauties have got to be my favourite. There's a zipped pocket on the back to hold a smartphone, key pouch and fitted inner short. A lovely Mother's Day gift for anyone who likes the idea of happy shorts (so everyone, basically). 

07. Beautiful booze!

Img: Tinkture

I'm not going to lie, vodka always used to be my spirit of choice, but like many, I've become very partial to the odd drop of gin in the last few years. And this particular rose gin concotion from Tinkture is right up my street. Described on the website as "a delightfully light, delicate Gin with a hint of Citrus. The Juniper and Coriander provide a complex depth and warmth," which sounds utterly delicious. And I'm particularly drawn by the part where it says "the colour is a Golden amber that changes to beautiful pink when mixed with tonic."

But as much as the gin itself would be a welcome gift, would you take a look at the stunning apothecary bottles they come in. I don't know about you, but pretty much every mum I know would be more than happy to receive one of these as a treat this Mother's Day. And I don't know about you, but I'm totally treating myself to a small bottle – aptly named The Little Guy – which, as the Tinkture team say, work perfectly as an emergency handbag ration or wedding favour. 

These guys also sell the most beautiful-looking gin-filled baubles – definitely one to bookmark for Christmas. 

08. Personalised jumper

Img: sayitwiththread

There's nothing quite like a cosy jumper in the winter months, so what better gift that one of these gorgeous designs by sayitwiththread. You can choose from a jumper, t-shirt or tie dye hoody in a variety of beautiful colours, which owner Laura will then loving hand stitch on your chosen word(s). 

Not only will this make a great addition to your mum's wardrobe, but the stitching gives it a wonderful, personal touch. I particularly love this 'Gorge' design pictured, which I will accidentally on purpose be shoving under the nose of my other half in the very near future by way as a big fat hint. 

There are also options for little people too. All the details, including how to order can be found on the @sayitwiththread Insta page. 

09. Lego Flowers

Img: Lego

It's fair to say I've become a big fan of flowers as I've got older. I love how much they brighten a room, not to mention your mood. The only obvious downside to them is they don't last forever. So when I saw that Lego has just realised this new flower bouquet set, I was sold. Ok, so I'm a huge fan of Lego, which definitely helps, but if you want to surprise your mum with some Mother's Day flowers that will last a lifetime, these are the ones to go for. 

At the time of writing these are out of stock directly from Lego - clearly a popular Motherr's Day gift choice - however they are currrently still available from Amazon (paid link). Not only a beautiful gift that will last forever, but something that will help relax and keep your mum busy during lockdown.  

10. Williams' goodies

Img: Williams

If your mum is anything like me and has an unhealthy obsession with handbags, you must head to  Williams. Although if you do, be prepared for the fact you will almost certainly want to buy something for yourself as well. Founded in 2010 by award-winning designer Sarah Williams, this wonderful indie business is literally bursting with the most beautiful handmade leather goods you could ever wish to own. 

This tan leather cross body bag (pictured) is a prime example, and while it's not exactly cheap, this would be a wonderful present if there's a few of you who want to club together to get a really special Mother's Day gift. Alternatively you could pick from one of Williams' gorgeous leather accessories, such a personalised bookmarks, glasses cases and this hip flask, which is a personal favourite. Whatever you choose from Sarah's collection, it's sure to put a smile on your mum's face this Mother's Day.  

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