Advice for partners (not mine, I’d like to add)


My advice? Ha, don’t be stupid, guys! No, I have not decided to start writing a self help blog for people who’s partners are pregnant. Although I think my perspective would make a refreshing change to most other blogs on said topic, I think it would be anything but helpful and therefore entirely pointless. 😉  So I’m actually talking about the kind of advice you’d want, you know, professional advice.

Three weeks into our pregnancy and what seemed like a lifetime of living with the devil, Eamo decided to get himself a ‘dad’ book to try and help him prepare for and understand the different trimesters. As much as I can try to explain to him that I’m being a prick because of my hormones until I’m blue in the face, sometimes I just don’t want to (prime example of being a prick, right there) and I think having someone else (in this case, another man) tell him that my, on occasion, dreadful behaviour is not (entirely) my fault has been really reassuring for him.

Eamo is reading The Expectant Dad’s Survival Guide by Rob Kemp, and it’s great. For us, I mean. It won’t work for everyone, but Kemp definitely speaks in mine and Eamo’s language, and I have to admit to finding the bits I’ve read really helpful, not to mention hilarious. Sense of humour is a big deal in this household, even though Eamo will tell you mine disappeared about 23 weeks ago, no doubt. But it’s great that there are books like Kemp’s out there that are really helpful but – like us – don’t take themselves too seriously either. He breaks various topics and trimesters down in to easy-to-read sections, and I have to admit, I love his very frank approach to it – ‘How can I get interested in this whole pregnancy lark?’, ‘When bump stops the grind’ and ‘Why the hell should I talk to the bump?’ being just a few of my favourites.

From a (sometimes very) hormonal woman’s point-of-view I can highly recommend partners doing a bit of research into the wonders of pregnancy. Whether that be online, a book or advice from friends, it all helps. I know Eamo’s book is helping him get his head round it all and it always makes me feel good when I see him reading it. Not that I have any doubt that he will be an amazing dad, but it’s lovely for me to know that he’s trying to understand what’s going on with me throughout this pregnancy and know what we should both be preparing for as we wait for the tiny dinosaur to arrive.

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