My name is Kerrie. And I am a Crossfit wanker

So, completely unlike Fight Club, the first rule of Crossfit is to tell everyone you do it and talk about it all the time. And booooy, do us Crossfitters like to talk about it. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to constantly talk about power cleans, when you got your first toes to bar, and how you’re determined to beat your (and by yours I mean that one freakishly strong girl that every box has) snatch PB?

I first started Crossfit in April 2014, and I have to admit that I don’t often talk about it to non-Crossfitters very much anymore. When I first joined Crossfit Bath (the best box, like, ever), I would bang on to anyone and everyone about how amazing it was and how they should try it. But after the 100th glazed expression or look of want to fall into a boredom induced coma on people’s faces, I stopped, safe in the knowledge that unless you actually do Crossfit, no-one actually gives a merry fuck (*whispers* but it is amazing and you should try it 😉 ).

I have many things to thank Crossfit for; I met my fiance there, some of my closest friends are Crossfitters and I’m in the best shape (bar a big baby belly) that I’ve ever been in because of it. Yes, my name is Kerrie and I am absolutely and completely unashamedly a Crossfit wanker.

Welcome to the gun show!

But what in the holy fuck does this have to do with pregnancy, I hear you ask? Well, my friends, the answer is, er, not much. But exercise in general, I guess, does, so bare with me. When I first found out I was pregnant, a lot of people asked, well it was more of an instruction really, if I was going to stop training.

“No more Crossfit for you now then?” they’d say.

Which was usually met with..

“What the fuck are you on about?”

In all honesty, the thought of stopping Crossfit when I found out I was pregnant never even crossed my mind. Infact I became more determined to go for as long as possible in order to a) not turn into a huge whale, b) show off my even bigger guns to the midwife (see below, cheeky mare) and c) be as fit and healthy as possible before, during and after the baby arrives.

However, as I was asked this question by so many people, I asked my midwife if it was ok to continue. She asked what exactly was involved so I explained it was a mixture of gymnastics, cardio, body strength exercises and olympic lifting. At this point she squeezed my bicep and laughed. No, seriously, she did. She didn’t believe that I had ever touched a barbell in my life, much to my utter disgust. I was seconds away from removing my top and flexing my (what I think are) incredibly impressive biceps and shouting ‘THAT’S RIGHT, LADY, WELCOME TO THE GUN SHOW!’. But she’d already decided to humour me and tell me that I just had to be sensible and that ‘throwing heavy weights above my head’ probably wasn’t the best idea.

I was seconds away from shouting: ‘THAT’S RIGHT, LADY, WELCOME TO THE GUN SHOW!’

That was all I needed. Don’t get me wrong, there are obviously exercises I can’t do anymore and the intensity level I work out at now is never really anymore than about 70%, but I’m still cracking on with workouts five-and-a-half months in and plan to do so as long as my mind and body let me. All of the research that I’ve done into exercising when pregnant simply advises, in a roundabout way, to be sensible, and that’s exactly what I’ve applied to Crossfit. Sure, there are less intense exercises that are great during pregnancy, walking and swimming, for example. But if your body, like mine, is used to the intensity of a Crossfit workout and I feel ok, there hasn’t seemed any logical reason for me to stop.


21 weeks pregnant and taking it steady on thrusters with my baby weights 🙂

There have definitely been times that doing Crossfit was really hard, especially in the first three months. I would – and still do – get out of breath so quickly and I really struggled to keep up with some of the workouts. But the beauty of Crossfit is that there is always a scalable option,suited to individual capabilities, to work to.

For anyone reading this thinking I’m advising you to take up Crossfit when you find out your pregnant, I’m not. Your body won’t be used to it and that would be very stupid/dangerous. I’ve been doing Crossfit for nearly three years now and I’m simply saying that I know what my body is capable of and will continue to put it through its paces for as long as I’m able. Besides, when you’re pregnant you get out of doing proper burpees, which is reason enough alone to keep going!

(Wonder how many times I got the word Crossfit in this post? See, told you we like to talk about it… 😉 )

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