Party time!

So since our scare a couple of weeks ago, I know we’ve both been waiting for today – our proper dating scan. I have to admit to being filled with nerves about it, but they were short-lived as up popped the tiny human, bold as brass. Couldn’t quite believe the change from just a couple of weeks ago. The detail, from his/her arms and legs to the face, was really quite incredible.

We decided to have the screening for Downs and a couple of other conditions. Eamo wanted to but I was undecided initially. It’s actually a really hard decision to make as you have to be fully prepared for the outcome. It’s totally reinforced to me the fragility of pregnancy – you get past one milestone then there’s another, and another. But I also imagine that’s going to be exactly the same when the baby arrives so it’s all good prep, I guess.

The screening involves taking a measurement from the back of the baby’s neck, which also means them being in a certain position for the sonographer to be able to actually get said measurements. Well baby T-Rex wasn’t having aaaaaany of this. I swear that kid was having a party the entire time we were in there, arms and legs flying about all over the show. So much so that I had to lay in about five different positions as well as lift my ass up and shake my hips to try and get the little dinosaur to move! Got there in the end, but man, it was hard work. Let’s hope that’s not a sign of things to come in the future 😉

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