Planned c-section: Well, I wasn't expecting that

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

In my neck of the woods, when you're a 'geriatric' mum, you have to have an extra scan and chat with a consultant to make sure all is ok growth-wise with baby and to talk through birth options. My 21-week scan showed my placenta laying quite low, which was also something that needed to be checked, and so off Eamo and I went to hospital today to see our little lady for the final time before she's born.

With covid still fucking with, well, everything, we arrived at the hospital to learn that Eamo couldn't attend the scan with me. Despite both our previous scans being, thankfully, OK, I still felt super-emotional that he wasn't allowed in, but the world is what it is right now, and was grateful he could be present for the consultant chat afterwards (even if he did have to stand in the corner like a naughty kid).

Big man was only allowed to attend if he stood in the corner of the room. Welcome to 2021!

The scan itself was fine, however the sonographer was unable to see the position of the placenta properly, which meant a vaginal exam too. Fun times. Antenatal appointments are a weird one for me. I always know there is a possibility some issue might come up, but I think I never really allow myself to think anything other than all will be fine. I don't know if that is a good or bad thing, but today it didn't serve me very well, as my assumption that my placenta would have moved was wrong.

The scan actually showed the placenta having barely moved since the previous one, which, in short, means our little lady's exit route is currently blocked and a planned c-section is looking pretty likely. I have to go back next week to see if it has moved, however the consultant did say, at this late stage, it was unlikely.

In the moment, and still now, I feel weirdly emotional about the thought of a c-section. I guess because I'd never even considered it as a possibility before. I simply assumed the placenta would move and I would have a vaginal birth like I did with Rex. And to hear otherwise has thrown me somewhat.

On one hand, it's amazing that we are in a position whereby technology has highlighted an issue and it can be dealt with to ensure the safe arrival of our little girl. It also means any anxiety around when I might go into labour and sorting Rex is significantly eased. But on the other hand, the unknown and prospect of major surgery is incredibly daunting, as is the recovery.

Fair to say I'm a bag of mixed emotions right now. I mean, there's not a huge amount I can do about it, and if the placenta hasn't moved next week then I will at least have had a bit of time to get my head around it happening. But I definitely feel a little unsettled by it all. Although, on the plus side, sure my lady bits are breathing a huge sigh of relief...

Update May 2021: All went well - HURRAH! Head over to my c-section UK; what to expect article to find out what happened. And don't miss my c-section recovery week-by-week article if you're interested in the healing process.

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