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Updated: May 13, 2021

So Eamo and I have just returned from a four-day break in New York. This was my second visit, Eamo’s first. I went 10 years ago, to the year, and bloody hell, I’d forgotten just how crazy it is. But… What. a. trip.

I went a girlfriend and returned a fiance. Yes, my old man proposed under the breathtaking Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Centre and it was absolutely magical. And in true ‘us’ style, also very amusing 😉

In the middle of taking the 125th photo of the tree, Eamo handed me a bauble that he said had fallen off it. I, very matter-of-factly, told him there are no baubles, only lights on the tree and he should ‘stop picking up crap off the floor’.

He was very insistent that I should open it, so, still none the wiser, I unzipped it to find a bit of tissue inside. Disgusted, I gave it back to Eamo claiming it was probably ‘covered in someone’s bogeys and not to touch it’.


Instead he pulled out a diamond ring and got down on one knee infront of hundreds of people and asked me to marry him. I burst into tears by way of saying yes, obviously, and the crowd erupted with cheers and clapping.

It’s a moment I will remember forever. He got me good 🙂 Genuinely not sure how I managed to pull off bagging such an amazing and thoughtful man. Something absolutely summed up in this beautiful and heartfelt Facebook post written by the man himself. ❤

I look a fucking state, but a very happy state, nonetheless 

It’s fair to say the past couple of months have been more than a little busy, but in the best possible way. So much to look forward to. As the rest of the world has gone crackers in 2016, my little world has totally come together. And I’m over the moon.

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